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Purposeful Finance Commission Wirral Roundtable

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Wirral - 08.06.2023

Last month we hosted our second roundtable in Wirral in the newly completed Hythe building which makes up part of Peel L&P’s Wirral Waters development, the largest regeneration project in the UK. This provided a great backdrop for our session focus on the role of public-private partnerships considering Liverpool City Region, Wirral Council and PIC’s active role in the groundbreaking regeneration project.

It was fantastic to have representatives from PIC, Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and Peel L&P themselves present to share their perspectives as investment, development, and local delivery experts. Regeneration leads from Halton Borough Council and Liverpool City Council also joined the session, bringing together a diverse mix of local government representatives eager to share their experiences in working with private sector investors. Igloo Regeneration, one such investor, described its experiences embarking upon regenerative projects across the country and echoed the sentiment among the group that aligned and focused partnerships have the potential to drive successful and impactful development.

Attendees also considered some of the challenges that can arise in aligning public-private partnerships due to diverse funding arrangements and a lack of public sector capacity. Local resident and stakeholder concerns, planning rules and political uncertainty also surfaced as key barriers to infrastructure investment as councils and developers work to navigate a complex patchwork of issues and constraints that can slow projects and investments down. Knowledge Quarter Liverpool, having worked closely with Liverpool City Council, provided valuable insight into the agility and flexibility benefits that the right kind of public-private partnerships have the potential to provide, helping to break down barriers.

We’re incredibly excited to expand upon some of the insights we gained from our Wirral roundtable to inform our research and future roundtable events going forward.

If you are keen to contribute or have any questions about the PFC, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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  • Pension Insurance Corporation: Max Cawthorn and Harshna Brahmbhatt

  • Peel L&P: Richard Mawdsley

  • Liverpool City Region Combined Authority: Dr Aileen Jones

  • Liverpool City Council: Sophie Bevan

  • Igloo Regeneration: Sammir Lingawi and Joe Broadly

  • North West Business Leadership Team: Andy Hulme

  • Halton Borough Council: Jochem Hollestelle

  • Knowledge Quarter Liverpool (KQ Liverpool): Rachael Patterson

  • WPI Strategy: Ed Emerson and Jake Pennington

Email for more information.


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