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Welcome to the Purposeful Finance Commission

The Purposeful Finance Commission is an independent organisation, supported by Pension Insurance Corporation, made up of leading combined authority figures and local government leads who have come together to identify, understand and overcome the barriers that communities across the country are facing in regenerating local areas, and in accessing long-term investment to support this.


The Commission’s work is supported by original research and expertise from across the investment
lifecycle. The Commission will demonstrate the critical role private investment can play in transforming local economies as well as providing practical recommendations to unlock investment for the communities that need it.


Tracy Blackwell, Chair of the Purposeful Finance Commission and CEO of PIC

"With about £11 billion invested in projects across the country, we at PIC have seen the real benefits
regeneration projects can bring to local areas, including jobs, better social infrastructure, and
significant spend in the regional economy. However, there are councils and local authorities that
have proved better equipped to bring forward these types of projects than others, and the idea is to
help share this expertise across the country to really help drive the levelling up agenda, because it is
at the local level that real change will happen."

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The Commissioners

The Commissioners represent interests throughout the investment cycle from local government representatives across the UK to key institutional investors looking to make an impact.

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